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Benefits of Airport Car Hire

Australia is popular with travellers from around the world. Thanks to its vast size and thousands of sites to explore, you have lots of options when it comes to transport. Renting a car in Australia is a cost-effective and convenient way to find your way around. At Avis, we’re here to show you the benefits of renting a car at the airport in Australia.

The perks of renting a car at the airport in Australia

When it comes to convenient travel options, none beat renting a car at the airport in Australia. After you’ve agreed your rental period and collected the keys, you’re free to explore the attractions you’ve always wanted to see. You’re no longer constrained by public transport, and you don’t need to worry about the unpredictable expense of taxis.

At Avis, we work hard to maximise the convenience of such rental agreements. You can use our app to extend your hire period, request upgrades, and more. You also have the option of collecting your car at one point and returning it at another. As a result, you’re not tied to one location.

Many customers also find that renting a car at the airport in Australia gives them more freedom. When they no longer need to plan their adventures around other transport options, they can enjoy more attractions on a whim. It also allows them to explore scenic routes, such as the Pacific Ocean Coastline. With one of our rental cars, you can dip in and out of Australia’s beaches at your leisure.


Are car rentals more expensive than other transport options?

In many cases, car rentals are no more expensive than other transport options. They’re almost certainly cheaper than using taxis, especially when peak fares are in operation. Whether they prove cheaper than public transport varies according to your hire agreement and planned public transport use. However, as you’re not restricted to certain travel times when you rent a car, any higher price you pay comes with the benefit of travel convenience.

What is a good rate at the airport?

Airport car hire rates in Australia tend to vary between seasons. They’re also influenced by the type of car you choose. For example, a luxury vehicle is likely to cost more than a city car. Select your airport from the list above, enter your details in the search form and we’ll present the cars and prices available for your dates.