Renter Requirements FAQ | Avis Car Rental Australia

Add one or more additional drivers to your rental to enjoy the peace of mind that someone else is covered to drive under your rental agreement. By sharing the driving responsibilities, you can lower the risk of having an accident. Please be aware that if an unnamed driver has an accident, your cover will be invalidated.

Additional drivers are permitted to drive provided they meet the following requirements:

  • At the time of picking up the vehicle, all additional drivers must be present with their driver licence.
  • If the additional driver is below the age of 25, they will also be charged the underage surcharge.

Additional drivers must meet the same terms and conditions as the main driver to be covered under the same rental agreement.

It is FREE for Avis Preferred and Presidents Club members to add drivers to their rental agreement.

It’s also FREE to add the following people as additional drivers:

  • The main driver’s spouse.
  • The main driver’s employer, employee, fellow employee or partner, if it is disclosed by you that the vehicle is being rented for business purposes.

There’s no need to add this to your online booking– the additional driver just needs to be present with their driver licence when you pick up your vehicle.

Avis require drivers to be over the age of 25. Some Avis locations have lower minimum age requirements, such as 21-25, which may incur a daily surcharge. These minimum age requirements may also restrict the types of vehicles you will be able to rent. Please visit or contact your rental location for full details.

Avis in Australia will accept the following driver licence which must be held for at least 12 consecutive months:

     * A driver licence issued by any state or territory in Australia or New Zealand.

     * A driver licence issued by any United States, territory, or possession.

     * A valid driver licence issued by a country participating in the 1949 Geneva convention on Road Traffic or the 1943 Convention on the Regulation of Inter-American Automobile Traffic. (Call your nearest reservation office for participating countries.)

     * Any renter must carry a driver licence written in Latin/Roman characters. Any customer carrying a driver licence not written in Latin/Roman characters must also present an International Driving Permit that is written in English.

     * International driving permits serve only as a translation, and are valid if presented in conjunction with an official driver licence of the issuing country.


     * Individuals with Learner's Permits, Provisional or Probationary licences may not operate Avis vehicles.

     * Avis is unable to rent a car to anyone with a suspended, revoked, expired, cancelled or surrendered driver licence.

Temporary licences:

     * A temporary licence issued as a replacement for a lost licence or due to a change of address is accepted and will be checked for validity.

     * A temporary licence issued as a beginner's permit for the purpose of learning to drive is not accepted.