Products and Services FAQ | Avis Car Rental Australia

Avis Rapid Return is a fast, efficient way of returning your rental car without any hassles. Just park your car in the Avis car park and you'll be met by an Avis representative who enters all your return data into a hand-held computer that prints out a receipt instantly. Rapid Return service is available at selected Avis locations throughout Australia.

Please contact our Reservations team on 13 63 33 for our mini-lease options.

Avis offers special monthly rates for rentals of 60 days or more. Please contact our Avis Reservations in Australia on 13 63 33 for more information.

Avis Australia has introduced a NEW portable GPS unit. When travelling in unfamiliar places add portable GPS to your booking for a convenient and stress free rental! The portable GPS is easy to use, allows you to select your destination and be guided step by step, ensuring you reach your destination in the shortest time possible. Simply select the option to add a GPS on your rental on the website or advise Avis Reservations for further details.

To ensure the safety of children in our vehicles, Avis has child safety seats for infants (reversible) and toddlers (boosters) at most Avis locations in Australia.

For your peace of mind, simply add a child safety seat to your booking online or contact Avis Reservations on 13 63 33 for more information on pricing.


Important tips for travelling in a car with your children:

* Always use proper child safety seats:

 Statistics show that children who are not properly protected face serious risk in the event of an accident, sudden stop or sudden swerving to avoid road debris or other vehicles.

* Do not hold a child in your lap:

 It is never safe to ride with the infant or child in your lap. Children are not properly protected unless securely placed in an appropriate-sized child restraint.

* Children should always ride in the back seat in vehicles equipped with front airbags:

 Children aged 12 and under should always be properly restrained in the back seat. This is especially important if the vehicle has front air bags. In a crash, children can be injured or killed by an inflating air bag.

Removal of seats is not permitted. Avis accommodates for customers who have special needs or health situations that require specific equipment for their rental needs whenever possible.

Hand controls and seat removal to accommodate for a stowaway or a non-collapsible wheelchair/scooter can be requested with a minimum of 48 hours’ notice. Simply contact the location directly or contact our Avis Reservations on 13 63 33 for more information.

Child safety seats are fitted in the vehicle. For peace of mind it is the renter’s responsibility to check the fitment before driving away.