Customer Service FAQ | Avis Car Rental

All rentals are sent an e-receipt to the email associated with the rental. Please check your inbox or spam folder, or if you would like a different way of obtaining the e-receipt, you can download a tax invoice here within 72 hours of returning your vehicle. If you're having trouble downloading your invoice, please email us your name and rental agreement/reservation number and we'll email you a copy within 48 hours. If you need assistance in understanding your invoice, please contact Customer Service.

Please contact the Avis location where you returned your vehicle. You can find the number on your Rental Agreement or you can find your location here.

During the rental period you are responsible for the vehicle which means you are also responsible for any parking tickets or traffic violations that may occur. An administration fee may be charged by Avis to process the transer of infringement notices to the renter.

When a customer presents a credit or debit card, we will take a authorisation hold on the card for the duration of the rental. This amount will be released after the vehicle has been returned. The bank will usually present this as a pending transaction which reduces the amount in your account. This might appear as a debit on your statement however it isn't.

Usually it takes 7 to 10 business days for the release to reflect. Avis will not be responsible for any overdraft amounts.

As this was a temporary hold and not a finalised transaction, you will not see a refund. The hold transaction will disappear and your available balance will increase.

All Avis rentals include Mechanical Breakdown Assistance for mechincal issues. At time of booking or pick up, you can take advantage of our Roadside Assistance cover (RSN) to ensure you’re covered for the below non-mechanical faults. 

  • running out of fuel
  • losing the keys
  • locked out of your car
  • flat tyres
  • flat batteries

If you do not select this coverage, you can incur a call-out fee of $255.62 for these non-mechanical faults.

For information regarding accident claims please contact:

Avis Australia Claims Department
GPO Box 3973
Sydney, NSW, 2001

T:  (02) 8216 0249
F:  (02) 9274 3033

If you're on the road and need assistance please call 1800 063 973 and help will be on the way.

If something does cause your vehicle to breakdown, we want to make sure you're back on the road as soon as possible. That's why we include mechanical breakdown assistance as part of our rates. We'll come to the rescue in the case of any mechanical fault. 

Fees will apply for any at fault issues including running out of fuel, flat battery, flat tyres, lost keys or keys locked inside the vehicle. Consider our optional Roadside Assistance Coverage to cover of these items. 

A one-way fee is charged when a vehicle is picked up in one location and returned to a different location. It covers the cost of returning the car to its original location. This can apply when travelling between cities or towns, between airports and sometimes within the same city. Check at time of booking for any applicable fees when organising a one-way rental. 

You can contact Customer Service to raise a dispute. Please prepare the following information and/documents to support your claim:

  • The Rental Agreement or Reservation number
  • A fuel receipt from the day the car was returned with date and timestamp
  • If no receipt, a copy of a bank statement showing the fuel charge with date and timestamp
  • Any other proof of refuelling

There are many factors that can affect your final rental cost. If you change or use any of the following, this can change the final charge:

  • Pick up location, date & time
  • Drop off location, date & time
  • Loyalty profiles such as Avis Preferred
  • Discounts such as an AWD
  • Special offers including coupons

The below additional fees and charges may be applied, which will alter the final cost:

  • Refuelling charges
  • Damages
  • Going over the kilometre allowance
  • Cleaning fees
  • Optional counter products and coverage’s

You can request a copy of your final invoice here to see a breakdown of charges.

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