Fees and Charges in Australia FAQ | Avis Car Rental Australia

The rate quoted in your reservation includes the following:

 * Daily rate

 * Vehicle Registration Fee

 * Concession Recovery Fee or Premium Location Surcharge (if applicable)

 * Administration Fee

 * Goods and Services Tax (GST)

 * Any additional services such as one-way fee

 * Any optional extras such as Excess Reduction, GPS, Child safety Seat if selected

In Australia, GST, Administration Fee and Concession Recovery Fee/Premium Location Surcharge (where applicable) apply to optional coverages, one-way fees, optional services and any other charges including fuel and damage excess.

A card transaction fee is not included in your online estimate but will apply for rentals paid by credit or debit card. This fee is calculated at 1.29% (including GST) of the total rental invoice amount.

Where permitted, in addition to time and kilometre charges and taxes, a Premium Location surcharge/ Concession Recovery fee may apply to rentals from airport locations and selected off-airport locations. This fee is included in your reservation and varies by location.

Avis rates are based on a 24-hour rental period and have a one-day minimum charge. For rentals over a 24-hour period, an hourly rate applies. Hourly rates are charged at a third of the daily rate.

Please note:  Charges for optional services (such as Excess Reduction) are charged at the full day rate for each partial day.

Avis offers convenient one way rentals at attractive rates. Please contact our Avis Reservations in Australia on 13 63 33 for details.

Avis offers convenient one way rentals at attractive rates.  Please contact our Avis Reservations in Australia on 13 63 33 for details.

Avis rates do not include fuel. Avis offers three options for fuel in Australia:

    * Return the car full with the same amount of fuel as when rented and no refuelling fees will apply

     * Return the car with less fuel than when rented and pay a refuelling service charge for the fuel used (the refuelling service charge is a rate higher than the local retail fuel prices)

     * Purchase the fuel service option available at participating Avis locations.

The refuelling service option allows the renter to purchase a full tank of fuel at a competitive local price, at time of pick up. For convenience, there is no need to refill the tank before the car is returned.

Most Avis rental rates include either unlimited kilometres or a set number of included kilometres per day/week/month as part of the rate structure. If you exceed the number of included kilometres, a kilometre charge will apply for the additional kilometres driven. If you the kilometre allowance, you will be advised of an additional kilometre charge at car return which will be based on the number of kilometres you have driven.

Time and kilometre charges is the rate for the vehicle, outlined on the rental agreement by the length of the rental (daily, weekly, and monthly).

If you have pre-paid your booking and do not show up to collect your vehicle no refund is available to you.

If you have not pre-paid your reservation, in most cases we do not charge a No-Show Fee.  However, in some cases and with certain rates or car groups, a No-Show Fee may apply if an unwanted reservation is not cancelled at least 48 hours prior to the reserved pick-up time or if the customer fails to pick the vehicle up. As a courtesy to fellow customers, kindly cancel any reservation you will not need as soon as your plans change and at least 48 hours in advance. Reservations may be cancelled online, or by calling Avis Reservations in Australia on 13 63 33.

Most Avis rentals are based on a 24 hour day. A car rented at 10AM for a one-day rental is due back at 10AM the next day, however there is a 59-minute grace period. If the car is returned within the 59-minute grace period there will not be any additional hourly rate. Beyond the 59-minute grace period, an hourly rate will apply until it equals the rate for an additional day. Charges for optional services such as Excess Reduction, or Optional Equipment such as portable GPS units etc. are charged as full days after the 59-minute grace period. If a vehicle is returned beyond the conditions associated with a specific rate, the rental may default to a higher applicable rate.

Refer to ‘Late Return Charge’ in our T&C’s.

We have made it even easier to get a copy of your rental receipt. You now have two ways in which you can obtain this information. You can select ‘Get a Receipt’ from the top of the navigation on the homepage or you can login to your My Avis Account.

From the Get Receipt landing page, follow these steps:

First, select the country in which your rental was completed.

Second, enter one of two numbers that are associated with your rental (either Reservation Confirmation number or Rental Agreement number).

- Your Reservation Confirmation number is provided to you when your reservation is made. The confirmation number is an 8-digit code followed by two letters and one number totalling 11 alpha/numeric characters (example: 12345678AU1). Your reservation information was sent to your e-mail address which was identified while your reservation was created.

- Your Rental Agreement number is on the documents provided to you when you pick up your rental car. This is a nine digit number, excluding any letters or symbols (example: 123456789).

Third, fill in all the necessary information and then select the "Get Receipt" button to continue.


You can view your rental receipts after logging in to My Avis. Click the Get Receipt link located under the Past Rentals section. We will keep copies online for up to six months from date of vehicle return.