Rent a Car Krasnodar/Pashikovsky Intl APO (KRR)

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Krasnodar/Pashikovsky Intl APO (KRR)


Evdokia Bershanskaya St. 355,
Krasnodra, 350912, Russian Federation


(7) 928 448 15 51

Hours of Operation:

Sun - Sat 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Location Information
After-hours Returns
Park & lock the car. Place the completed contract & the keys in the Drop Box located in the Returns area. Remember to take your personal belongings with you.

Renter Requirements

Optional Coverages

What amounts I have to pay if the vehicle is damaged during the rental?
If you rent a car without buying additional excess reduction products (coverages) your responsibility is equal to the amount of deposit (excess) of rented car group for car collision accidents (CDW) or car thefts (TP) with mandatory providing from STSI, MIA, EMERCOM representatives duly executed documents certifying the fact of occurrence of event with characteristics of event insured. It means, that TP and CDW coverages always included in rental prices in Russia, with necessity for providing the documents from legal authorities, stating the accident reasons and details.
How can I reduce my excess and cover potential risks?
At the counter you have a choice to reduce financial risks buying Full Coverage, SCDW or Windscreen protection. Full Coverage will reduce your risks to zero in cases of collision damages, car thefts, broken windows and  tyre damages.
Super Collision Damage Waiver will reduce you risks to zero in cases of collision damages only. Windscreen Protection will reduce your responsibility to zero in case of windscreen damages.
All coverage and protection products could be applied only with duly executed documents certifying the fact of occurrence of event with characteristics of event insured.
Deposit (excess) amounts should be pre-authorized regardless of additional coverage and protections chosen.
Additional coverages price-list (incl. VAT).

Full coverage and SCDW price-list (in Rubles, VAT incl.)


A, B, C, D, N


F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, O, P

Full Insurance package

480,00 RUB per day

720,00 RUB per day

960,00 RUB per day

Maximum 7200,00 RUB for rental agreement

Maximum 10800,00 RUB for rental agreement

Maximum 14400,00 RUB for rental agreement

Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW)

240,00 RUB per day

360,00 RUB per day

480,00 RUB per day

Maximum 3600,00 RUB for rental agreement

Maximum 5400,00 RUB for rental agreement

Maximum 7200,00 RUB for rental agreement

Windscreen insurance

150,00 RUB per day, maximum 450 RUB for rental agreement

Credit Card Policies

Avis accepts the Avis Charge Card, American Express, MasterCard and Visa. 
Car group G, J, L, M, O, P requires 2 charge cards. Call reservations for further details.

Deposit (excess) pre-authorization:
For potential obligation of expenses caused by damages, police fines and others reasons the separate amount will be pre-authorized from your credit card, depending on car group:
9000,00 RUB - for car groups A, B, N, C, D
20000,00 RUB - for car groups E
36000,00 RUB - for car groups F, H
40000,00 RUB - for car groups G, J, L, M, P, O*
                        * 2 credit cards needed for deposit, 20000,00 RUB will be pre-authorized on each credit card.
Pre-authorized (blocked) amount will be returned on your credit card in 10 working days from the day of return of the vehicle. Depending on cardholders bank processing periods, it could be take up to 30 days.

Debit Card Policies

Debit cards are not accepted.

Drivers License

All drivers must bring and show valid driving license with them to collect the vehicle.
An International driving permit is also required for driving licenses with a non-roman or non-russian alphabet. International driving permit valid only with national driving license with you during rental.
Valid driving license must prove your previous driving experience with at least:
1 year of driving experience for car groups A, N, B, D, C
3 years of driving experience for car groups E, I, F, H
5 years of driving experience for car groups G, J, L,  M, O. P
All drivers must bring and provide valid national passport. Russian citizens
must to provide internal passport of Russian Federation. Non-Russian citizens must provide their passports. (National ID Identity cards are not applicable to conclude a rental agreement)

Public Liability and Property Damage

Public liability insurance is in accordance with the insurance laws of the country.  Customer may inquire at the time of rental for additional information of the benefits, conditions and acceptance.

Note: Some credit cards provide insurance coverage, with certain limitations, as a benefit of using the card to rent vehicles.  The customer is advised to contact the card issuer before the rental.  Any waiver must be discussed directly with the location upon arrival.

Age Requirements

At this location the minimum age to rent is 21 for car groups A - D, N.  The minimum age to rent is 23 for car groups E, F, H and 25 for car group G, J, L, M, O, P.

Estimated Totals

Approximate total includes base rate, taxes, and surcharges. Items such as coupon discounts, child safety seats, winter tire fee from 01Nov - 31Mar and gas are NOT included in the estimated total. Optional coverages and one-way fees are subject to tax in certain locations. This tax is not reflected in the Estimated Total.

Rates are in EURO. However, according to the Russian Legislation, ALL payments must be done in the local currency (Russian Roubles).

Estimated total is subject to change based upon exchange rates at the time of rental.

Fuel Policy

Miscellaneous Information

Winter package:
In the period from November 1 to March 31, in order to meet Russian weather conditions, as well as to meet the highest standards of safety and comfort, all Avis cars in Russia include the "Winter package" option. Winter package includes a complete set of winter tires with spikes, a scraper, a brush, and a special non-freezing fluid in the windshield washer reservoir. The cost of the winter package is 540 rubles for the rental period (incl. VAT).
Rental Agreement extension:
Any extension of rental agreement is possible only in the presence of a client with a vehicle, a signature on a new contract and 100% prepayment, if others not approved with AVIS Russia.
Responsibility of the lessee for the non-return of the car within the period specified in the contract - 19500,00 rubles (incl. VAT)

An integral part of rental agreement is the Price List stating the amount of compensation to the Lessor for damage to the vehicle. Assessment of damages is carried out on the basis of the Price List in case of detection of damage directly upon return of the vehicle from the rental.  If damages are discovered later, in the absence of the Lessee, an authorized service station estimates the damage cost and the Lessee pays the cost of damages based on the repair order.
We note, that all prices and services stated on this document at that web-page are for informational purposes only and under no circumstances is a public offer determined by the provisions of Art. 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

Travel Into Other Countries

Prior making reservation, please, contact our Call-center to confirm that crossing state borders are allowed for states in your journey. Crossing of the state borders on AVIS vehicles is a subject of AVIS permission.
Please, inform about your plans to cross the state borders at Rental Station as well.
Driver must own International Motor Insurance (Green Card) to drive outside of Russia.
We do not sale International Motor Insurances (Green Cards).