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Craig Handley


Since 2004, after a long career in animation and television, Craig Handley has been honing his skills in his Sydney-based studio.

Craig creates more than art – he paints snapshots in time. According to him, his works are “a medley, a collage of all the things I come across while travelling about… a hodgepodge of places and objects and light.”

Transcending genres, Craig’s art constantly blurs the lines between realism and surrealism, narrative and observation.

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New South Wales South Coast

Craig Handley, Art of Discovery

South Coast Narooma Collage
Adopting a different approach for his hero piece, Craig used photography, trace, and paints to recreate this snapshot in time at Narooma Beach.

Craig Handley, Art of Discovery

Looking North Beach Road east of Berry
The moodiest piece in Craig’s collection provides a glimpse into the harrowing landscapes of looking away from the sea.

Craig Handley, Art of Discovery

Narooma Beach looking South
From every direction, Narooma Beach provides new insight and inspiration into the evanescent landscapes.

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