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Brock Q Piper


Based in Melbourne, Brock Q Piper is paving his own way in the art world. At the age of four, Brock’s grandmother shared with him her love of oil painting and since then his work has been a personal reflection of his life experiences.

Brock’s work plays with composition through the reduction of colour, breaking down hues with subtle tonal alterations – encouraging the audience to discover hidden imagery. His distinct ability to explore the layers of the artwork, creating forms that evolve and dissolve on the canvas allows Brock to embed his entire consciousness into his work.

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Brock Piper, Avis Art Of Discovery

Bay of Fires
At the Bay of Fires in Tasmania, a ribbon flows across the horizon highlighting the fragile ecosystem that is being taken hostage by climate change. As an artist and spectator, Brock urges everyone to see this enchanting bay before climate change concedes another defeat.

Brock Piper, Avis Art Of Discovery

Lake St Clair
At Lake St Clair, time stands completely still and for a moment you can feel every sensation of the landscape at once. It’s this all-consuming sense of stillness that Brock encapsulates in his art.

Brock Piper, Avis Art Of Discovery

Wineglass Bay
Brock captures the feeling of separation from landscape in his work from the lookout above Wineglass Bay. The view, definitely worth the climb, promises an intoxicating horizon.

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