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Tray and Flatbed Truck Hire in Australia

Do you need a vehicle with a large tray to move heavy freight or equipment? Avis has a wide range of flatbed trucks for hire, all of which are regularly maintained and kept in perfect condition. We have 4.2 m tray hire, 7.3 m tray rental, and 8.5 m tray truck hire solutions. We also have 4.2 m crew cab trucks, so you can move heavy equipment and transport your team at the same time. If you're looking for high-quality flatbed truck hire at a competitive price, Avis is the trusted national solution.

Rent Other Commercial Vehicles

Avis provides a comprehensive car and truck hire service across Australia. Along with flatbed truck rentals, we also deal with other commercial vehicles. We have single and dual cab utes, vans and buses, and mine spec vehicles, among other models. Whatever you need, we are the truck and commercial vehicle hire experts.


How much does it cost to hire a flatbed truck in Australia?

Transporting large items can be a complex and expensive exercise. Whether you're a builder on the move, a public works contractor, or a logistics company, large and cumbersome items can only be handled with specialised vehicles. If you want to avoid large purchase costs, flatbed truck hire from Avis is the affordable solution. The overall cost of rental is based on the vehicle class and hire period, with larger trucks typically costing more and one-way rentals incurring an additional fee.

What size flatbed trucks are available with Avis?

We offer four unique tray truck rental classes: G, XF, XG, and XE. Our Group G trucks are the smallest and most accessible option at 4.2 m in length. These flatbed trucks can be driven legally with a standard car licence, which makes them popular with tradies, builders, and homeowners. XF trucks are 7.3 m in length, and they require an MR licence. XG trucks are 8.5 m in length, and they require an HR licence. Our crew cab trucks are categorised as Group XE, with drivers of these vehicles needing an LR licence.

What are flatbed trucks used for?

If you need to haul heavy equipment or large items with an unusual shape, a standard truck bed is not always up to the challenge. A flatbed truck, also known as a tray truck, can be used to transport items that can't be moved in a conventional truck bed. If freight or equipment can't be loaded into a standard container-shaped trailer, it can normally be transported on a flat tray truck.

How many tonnes can a flatbed truck carry?

Avis has a wide range of flatbed trucks available, with vehicle groups distinguished by their length, width, and licensing requirements. To select the right vehicle, it's also important to consider the individual height and weight capacity of the truck model. For example, Avis Group G trucks can safely carry up to 4 pallets, with Group XF, XG, and XE trucks limited to 12, 14, and 6 pallets, respectively. Pallet dimensions are usually 116 cm squared, and the maximum weight allowance for each pallet is 1000 kg. Dimension and weight limits can vary between states, so check tray truck guidelines in your local jurisdiction.

What licence do you need to drive a flatbed truck?

The Driver must (i) hold a full, current and valid driving licence (not being a learners licence or provisional licence), (ii) have an International Driving Permit (IDP) or official translation (if a licence is not in Roman alphabet), (iii) have held their licence for minimum 12 consecutive months immediately prior to signing the Rental Agreement.

An International Driving Permit is not a stand-alone document and this must be carried with your valid domestic driving licence for it to be valid.

Digital drivers licences are only accepted in the issuing state. If you're travelling interstate you must present a physical (plastic) drivers licence.

What is the age requirement to rent a bus in Australia?

The minimum age to drive a vehicle with Avis is 21 years of age. All drivers must hold a current, full and valid driver's licence, that has been valid for a minimum of 12 consecutive months. A young driver surcharge may apply.


Disclaimer: The vehicles and information featured here should be used as a guide only. Vehicles and the accessories, features and dimensions may vary from location to location. Vehicles are subject to availability and may not be available at all locations. Licence requirements may vary per state, please check at time of booking.