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Tautliner & Curtainside Truck Hire

Rent a Tautliner Truck in Australia

If you need a tautliner truck to transport inventory or business equipment, Avis has multiple options available. We have four tautliner groups available for hire: XA, XB, XC, ad XD. The smallest vehicle is 4.2 m in length with a capacity of 19 m³, and the largest vehicle has a length of 8.5 m with a capacity of 53 m³.

If you need a small 3-pallet truck for rent, our XA range is the ideal solution. If you want a 10-pallet truck for rent, XB group vehicles are the perfect fit. If you require a 14-pallet truck for rent, XD trucks are the right choice. If you need tautliner truck hire of any size from a recognised national company, Avis is the preferred industry solution.

Rent Other Commercial Vehicles

Avis has the perfect vehicle for any professional contract or private project. Along with tautliner hire, we offer a range of trucks and commercial vehicle hire solutions, including small utes and vans, large trucks and buses, and specialty mine vehicles.


What is a tautliner and a curtainside truck?

Tautliners, also known as curtainside trucks, are used to protect goods during transport while enabling efficient loading and unloading. While the name 'Tautliner' originally described a particular brand of vehicle, it has become a generic name used across much of the world. These trucks feature a permanent curtain attached to a runner, with winches used to tension the curtain and make it taut. This helps to protect goods from the elements during transport, and it allows workers and forklifts to access freight from all sides of the vehicle.

How much does it cost to hire a tautliner truck in Australia?

Whether you're carrying out an isolated contract or fulfilling a full-time job, the importance of a reliable vehicle should never be underestimated. Tautliner truck rental is much more affordable than purchasing a vehicle outright, and you can choose the perfect-sized truck for the job at hand. The cost of curtainside truck hire depends on the size of the vehicle and rental period, along with your chosen pick-up and drop-off locations.

Who can hire a tautliner truck?

If you're interested in short-term or long-term curtainside truck rental from Avis, it's important to be aware of licensing requirements. Due to the size and operation of these vehicles, not everyone is able to drive them legally on public roads. Group XA tautliners, which measure 4.2 m in length, require a standard car licence. Group XB and XC vehicles, which measure 6.4 m and 7.3 m in length, respectively, require an MR licence. Group XD trucks, which measure 8.5 m in length, require an HR licence. For any type of tautliner truck hire in Australia, Avis has the perfect vehicle for your needs.


Disclaimer: The vehicles and information featured here should be used as a guide only. Vehicles and the accessories, features and dimensions may vary from location to location. Vehicles are subject to availability and may not be available at all locations. Licence requirements may vary per state, please check at time of booking.