Toll Payments and Information | Avis Car Rental

When you rent an Avis vehicle, you can travel on any toll road in Australia thanks to our partner Linkt. We have set up a simple process to ensure that payments are smooth and easy to track – without you needing to do anything.

Linkt Rental Account: How does it work?

  • When you travel on a toll road, a Linkt Rental Account will automatically be set-up in your name, using the information you provided to Avis when booking and signing your rental agreement. 
  • Linkt Sydney will charge you directly the cost of the toll trips you make to the credit or debit card you provided to Avis, plus a $3.30 fee for each day that you use a toll road.
  • You will receive an email or SMS from Linkt about your Linkt Rental Account and with information on how to access it. You can log into this account at any time to track your trips, access your payment details or access your Linkt statement.
  • It can take approximately 3 to 5 days (up to a maximum of 14 days) from your first trip on a toll road for your Linkt Rental Account to be created. 
  • Each Linkt Rental Account will cover only one Avis vehicle and rental period. Once payment has been processed for your toll trips, Linkt will automatically close the account. 
  • if you have hired your vehicle for longer than 10 days, some trips may not be included in your initial statement. These will appear on your next statement which should be generated 30 days later.

You can find out more about a Linked Rental Account here.

For more information, read their terms and conditions.

Linkt Commercial Rental Accounts: How does it work?

  • A Linkt Commercial Rental Account will be set up for you using the details you provided to Avis. Corporate customers will receive a one-off email or SMS from Linkt containing account details. This will be sent after the first time one of your employees travels on a toll road.
  • Linkt will charge the cost of the toll trips they make to the Linkt Commercial Rental Account, plus a $3.30 fee for each day that they use a toll road.
  • Log into your account using the details sent by Linkt to track your trips, access payment details and download your invoice history.
  • If you haven’t received an email or SMS from Linkt, or can’t access the login details, have your rental account number ready and the Linkt team will be able to assist you.

Your monthly invoice has a payslip with available payment options. If you would like to set up auto payments from a credit or debit, you can log in online to set up and edit details at any time.

The Linkt Commercial Rental Account covers toll road trips taken by your employees in rental vehicles linked to your rental account only, but does not cover your company or business’ fleet.

Toll road travel taken by company vehicles are covered by your existing Linkt Commercial Account, if you have one and if you’ve added the vehicles to your account.

Avis has an arrangement with Linkt enabling you to use a Linkt Commercial Rental Account. For more information, read their terms and conditions.


For more information on the Linkt tolling program please refer to our tolling FAQ here.