Express Exit | Avis Car Rental


Introducing Express Exit

Better is making a quick exit. That’s why we are now using digital technology to help enable a seamless start to your journey. Express Exit is a new product enabling Avis customers to make a fast and secure exit from our rental locations utilising QR code and number plate recognition technology. 

How does Express Exit work?

When arriving at the exit boom gate, you will scan a unique secure QR code that has either been generated in the Avis App or from a digital rental agreement. When you scan the QR code our system will utilise a licence plate recognition camera to scan and validate your rental vehicle. Once validated, the gate will open. Simply scan and go.

How can I access Express Exit?

Avis customers can access the Express Exit technology through their digital rental agreement, or if you’re an Avis Preferred customer, it is easily accessible via our mobile app.

Where is Express Exit available?

Express Exit is available at Brisbane Domestic Airport.